Booking terms & conditions

These booking terms and conditions apply to purchases from Nordic Choice Commersial Service AB’s, corporate no. 556106-6050, booking portal, Packtivity by Choice (the portal below). The terms and conditions were last updated on 01/03/2019.

Nordic Travel i Sverige AB (NT AB), corporate no. 556669–6125, PO Box 163, 271 24 Ystad, is the intermediary responsible for all bookings on the Booking Portal. The booking terms and conditions supplement SRF’s travel terms and conditions and apply to NT AB and the person who personally or through other parties enters into an agreement with the company as specified in the confirmation and completes the booking/purchase (the Booker) on the portal. The agreement applies to all of the products Nordic Travel in Sweden AB mediates, unless otherwise stated.


The prices in the price list are stated in the local currency of the language you selected. We reserve the right to make changes subject to price and rate changes outside our influence after this date.


The purchase/booking becomes binding as soon as it is confirmed verbally, or in writing, by the intermediary. These terms and conditions and apply from that moment, irrespective of whether you have paid in full, partially or not at all. If the products are booked through retailers, other booking and payment terms and conditions may apply. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the retailer.


You can pay by phone and online in accordance with the terms and conditions at the time of booking, and only by direct payment by credit card. To protect and encrypt your credit card information while you traverse our system, we use Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL). Please note that, in the event of special pricing and special offers, there may sometimes be no refund option. Please check the room and price details carefully before completing your booking.


Cancellation/modification of a booking in wich finished packages containing accommodation and activities, events, etc.g
Cannot be cancelled or changed.
If the guest has not cancelled or arrived, none of the booking shall be refunded.

Cancellation/modification of a booking in wich a hotel and an activity have been booked in the shopping cart.
Cannot be cancelled or changed.
If the guest has not cancelled or arrived, none of the booking shall be refunded.

Cancellation/modification of a booking in wich only activities, events, tickets, gift cards or transport are booked.
Cannot be cancelled or changed.
If the guest has not cancelled or arrived, none of the booking shall be refunded

If the trip cannot be used for reasons that are valid in accordance with SRF’s travel terms and conditions, the entire booking amount will be refunded with the deduction of a cancellation fee of SEK 600, which has been determined by Nordic Travel. Unused tickets and similar must be returned as soon as possible.


Any complaints must be submitted to the person responsible for the product, e.g. hotel manager/golf course manager, etc. or the representatives thereof, as soon as possible. If you cannot remedy the issue, please contact Nordic Travel by telephone + 46 (0)840906404 or email

The right to compensation is lost if you do not notify the relevant product supplier. If you leave the accommodation, golf course or event without the organizer having had reasonable time to resolve the issue, you will forfeit the right to compensation. Any claims for compensation must be submitted to Nordic Travel in writing no later than 30 days after the end of the trip.


What personal information is collected?

Nordic Travel i Sverige AB (NT) processes personal data that you provide to us. The personal data that will be processed includes, but is not limited to, name, date of birth, gender, address, email address and telephone number. We may also process information registered in connection with ordering, e.g. age, special dietary requests. The personal data you provide in connection with ordering events, the creation of accounts or other online or telephone services. Please note that providing your personal information is optional, but in many cases we cannot provide you with the service and/or product you have ordered if you do not provide your personal information.

The purpose of processing personal data:

Your personal data is processed to allow us to fulfil our obligations to you. The execution may consist of, for example, providing the event or the additional services you have ordered, or providing the services and/or products offered or requested by you in relation to your personal account.

Your personal data may also be processed to allow us to be able to fulfil obligations under the Swedish Accounting Act and regulations, such as security. The processing may also include information on contacts between you and NT, for example, notes on inquiries and complaints.

In addition to the purposes stated above, your personal data may be used for our market and customer analyses, risk management and statistics in order to provide you a better travel offering and better service. If you do not object to direct marketing in writing, we will also use your personal data to send you various offers of services and/or products. You are given the option to unsubscribe from receiving such offers in every marketing message.

The storage of personal data:

We store personal data as long as it is necessary to fulfil the abovementioned purposes. When ordering events, your personal data will be stored by NT for three years. In the event of complaints, certain information may be saved for seven years in order to meet the requirements of the Swedish Accounting Act (1998:1078) and NT’s liability insurance. In the event cancellation insurance is utilised, we process your information by submitting documents by post. When the case is completed, the information may be saved for seven years to meet the requirements of the Swedish Accounting Act (1998:1078) and NT’s liability insurance. Only authorized persons have access to this information after such a case has been processed and completed.

Who may process personal data:

Your personal data will be processed by NT. Your personal data will be processed by the NT Group’s partners in the hospitality sector, e.g. hotels, local partners, and by the NT Group’s ancillary suppliers of administrative and system services.

Personal data controller:

Nordic Travel Sverige AB, corporate no. 556669-6125, +46 (0)840906404, PO Box 163, 271 24  YSTAD, is the personal data controller.

You are entitled to request information from us free of charge regarding the use of personal data that concerns you. Such requests must be submitted in writing and signed by you. We will, at your request or on our own initiative, correct or delete any information that is inaccurate, or restrict the processing of such information. You are also entitled to request that your information is not processed for direct marketing purposes. You are also entitled to access your personal data in machine-readable format. If you are dissatisfied with our processing, you can file a complaint with a supervisory authority, which is, in Sweden, the Swedish Data Protection Authority (  You can also contact the supervisory authority in the country in which you live or work. If such information is processed, written information must also be provided about which personal data concerning you is being processed, from where this data has been obtained, the purposes of the processing and to which recipients or categories of recipients the information has been provided. We are also obliged, at your request, to correct, block or delete any personal data that has not been processed in accordance with the law.