Terms and conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions for O-Ringen

These terms and conditions apply to purchases made through O-Ringen AB’s (organization number 556937-4084) Booking Portal that can be found under Book/Entry at oringen.se (Booking Portal) in conjunction with the O-Ringen orienteering event (O-Ringen). These terms and conditions were most recently updated on 2018-03-01.

The company Nordic Travel i Sverige AB (NT AB; Nordic Travel in Sweden), organization number 556669-6125, Box 163, 271 24 Ystad, Sweden, is responsible for all bookings in conjunction with O-Ringen made through the Booking Portal. O-Ringen’s competitions are organized by O-Ringen AB (O-Ringen AB), Lägerhyddsvägen 2, Hus 38, 752 37 Uppsala, Sweden. In addition to, and in conjunction with, the competitions, O-Ringen AB and NT AB are organizing a number of various trips, accommodations options, and activities. The terms and conditions apply in addition to those required by the Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour Operators (SRF). These additional terms apply to NT AB and the individual who makes the booking/purchase (Booker) through the Booking Portal.


By ordering services and/or products through the Booking Portal, the Booker agrees to these terms and conditions. The purchase / reservation becomes binding for the Booker immediately upon receipt of verbal or written confirmation from NT AB or from officials on location at O-Ringen. These terms apply from that moment regardless of whether the Booker has paid the entry fees in their entirety, partially, or not at all. Therefore, make sure to carefully read these terms and conditions before making the purchase.

In the cases when the Booker makes reservations or purchases services on behalf of another person/persons, then by virtue of approval of these terms and conditions, the Booker insures that the person in question has been informed of and agreed to these terms and conditions. In order to make reservations or purchase services on behalf of a child under 18 years of age, the Booker must first receive consent from the child’s parent or legal guardian. Purchases/bookings are not subject to cancellations, changes, or refunds, unless specified in these terms and conditions for the particular product or service in question. NT AB and O-Ringen AB reserve the right to transfer our rights and obligations according to these terms and conditions to a third party.

NT AB and O-Ringen reserve the right to unilaterally change these terms and conditions. Any changes go into effect no earlier than 30 days after the new and updated terms and conditions have been published on the Booking Portal website.


Payment can be made with a credit/debit card (VISA/Mastercard) or through a bank transfer or invoice. Payment instructions can be found on the booking portal. After June 1 of the year of the event the only acceptable payment method will be with a credit/debit card (VISA/Mastercard). Note that bookings made by mail through NT AB take 1-2 days to process. Regardless of payment method, the current booking terms and conditions at the time of payment apply. In order to protect and encrypt the Booker’s credit card information, the booking portal uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted connection. O-Ringen AB and NT AB reserve the right to remove bookings that have not been paid for after a reminder had been sent out.


All participation, arrangement of accommodations, and travel in conjunction with O-Ringen takes place at the participant’s own risk. O-Ringen AB has insurance for unforeseen events that applies to all competitors and spectators at O-Ringen City, at the competition arenas, or on the way to or from these locations. Additionally, O-Ringen AB is not responsible for any injuries you may incur during the event. All participants, traveling companions, and spectators must follow O-Ringen AB’s instructions and rules, even if they are issued by third parties contracted by O-Ringen AB. Participation in O-Ringen takes place under the competition rules of the Swedish Orienteering Federation that are currently in force. The right to start in the competition and to use pre-ordered services is only granted upon full receipt of payment.


A booking of O-Ringen AB’s products, services, and add-ons in conjunction with O-Ringen is never fully refundable.

Changes and cancellations can be made through June 1. This can be done via the Booking Service for a cost of 110 SEK or for free through the Booking Portal. If the functionality for making the desired changes in the Booking Portal is not available or not working properly, these changes can be made for free through the Booking Service. When a change is made to a booked product or service at the request of the Booker / participant, if a price difference applies, then the difference is not refunded to the Booker / participant. In the case where the new product or service is more expensive, the Booker / participant is responsible for paying the price difference. In the case where the change to a booked product or service is initiated by O-Ringen, for example when a competitor applies to compete in an Elite Tour class, but is not selected, then the difference in price between the new product or service and the originally booked one is refunded to the Booker / participant. In order to receive a refund, the Booker / participant has to provide O-Ringen AB with complete information about the refund and the payment details by July 31st of the year of the competition. Regardless of who initiated the change being made, the price that will be charged for the new product or service is the price in effect on the day the change is requested. A change fee is not charged in the case when O-Ringen AB initiated the change. After June 1st, all changes initiated by the Booker / participant (regardless of whether the change is made through the Booking Service, the Booking Portal, or at O-Ringen Competitor Services) cost 110 SEK. A change fee of 110 SEK per booking applies regardless of whether several changes are made (for one or multiple competitors) at the same time. Note that the Booking Portal does not record the type of change that is made, meaning that a change fee is charged even if the Booker simply adds a new competitor to the booking without changing information for any existing competitor. In such a situation, a change fee can be avoided by creating a new booking for the new competitor.

A transfer of a booked start place is possible within the framework of the same product / competition option. Such a transfer costs 200 SEK regardless of when the start place is transferred. A transfer cannot be made by the competitor through the Booking Portal. Instead, it has to be done either by contacting the Booking Service or through Competitor Services at O-Ringen. The following thirteen products / competition options exist:

  • Elite Tour (Elite Classes)
  • 5-days (Main and Short Classes)
  • 5-days (Recreational Classes)
  • 5-days (Challenge Classes)
  • 5-days (MtbO Classes)
  • 5-days (Trail-O Classes)
  • 3-days (Challenge Classes)
  • Stage Start (Foot-O Classes)
  • Stage Start (MtbO Classes)
  • Stage Start (Trail-O Classes)
  • Youth Relay (Team)
  • Training Race (Foot-O Classes)
  • Training Race (MtbO Classes)

Booked start places can be transferred between products / competition options as well. In that case, the difference in price between the original and new competition options will be charged when the change is made. Therefore, it only makes sense to transfer a start place to someone who wants to compete in the same competition option that you have booked. Products and services that are not tied to individual competitors (for example, camping spots, banquet tickets, String-O, etc.) can be transferred by competitors on their own.

Please note that we do not provide any service for finding people to whom booked start places can be transferred. Instead, we recommend other service providers, such as startplatser.se or orienterare.nu.

Changes and transfers can be made up until the following deadlines:

  • Elite Tour – July 19, 12.00
  • 5-Days – July 20, 21.00
  • 3-Days – July 24, 13.00
  • Stage Start – 13.00 on each competition day
  • Training Race – July 19, 18.00
  • Youth Relay – July 20, 12.00

Other accommodations booked through O-Ringen’s Booking Portal are third-party products. These accommodations cannot be cancelled and are not subject to refunds.

Övrigt boende bokat på O-Ringens portal är en tredjepartsprodukt och är ej avbokningsbart, ombokningsbart eller återbetalningsbart.
Booking is made based on the description provided by the house owner.
If there is unexpected problems during your stay or if the accomodation is not in order, you must emediately contact the house owner and state the problem.
Regarding final cleening, cleaning and bed linen, this is a special agreement between you and the house owner.
Observe that a private accomodation object can be cancelled from the house owners, due to for ex. fire, fllodded house or if the object has been sold.


NT AB offers an optional cancellation insurance for bookings made via the Booking Portal. If the Booker has signed a cancellation insurance, then a full refund will be provided if one person in the travel party cannot reasonably use the service in question because that person or a close relative is affected by an acute illness, accident, or death.

The term “close relative” applies to any spouse, child, grandchild, sibling, parent, grandparent, stepparent, or domestic partner of the insured person, or anyone in the insured person’s traveling party for this booking. The term “acute illness” refers to an illness that the person in question did not know about, could not know about, or could not have predicted at the time of booking. All injuries or illnesses must be confirmed by a signed doctor’s note. Certain exceptions apply to the cancellation insurance, even when a doctor’s note is provided.

Cancellation insurance cannot be purchased for groups of more than 9 people. Note also that for registration fees, cancellation protection only applies to the person for whom the doctor’s note is provided. Registration fees for other competitors are not covered by the cancellation insurance.

The following conditions must be met for the cancellation insurance to go into effect:

  • The cancellation insurance was signed in conjunction with an original booking (not with a change made to a booking).
  • Cancellation must take place at least a day before the date of the specific activity. No refund applies if a cancellation is made at a later date.
  • Cancellation insurance is only valid in combination with a doctor’s note. An insurance claim must be sent to NT AB no later than five business days after the cancellation is made. The doctor’s note must be filled out and signed by a doctor connected to Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency) and must contain the doctor’s name, contact information, and official stamp. The doctor’s note must include the date the patient was examined, the results of the examination, the diagnosis, and, when applicable, the conclusion that the patient is unable to travel.
  • When cancellations covered by cancellation insurance are made, the cost of the cancellation insurance is not refunded.
  • NT AB is responsible for the personal details that are collected in conjunction with the cancellation insurance. NT AB can be reached by email at info@nordictravel.se or by telephone at +46 (0) 411 55 87 25. Personal details are collected for the purpose of managing the task of providing a refund due to the cancellation of a booking. NT AB employees who work at the call center division and who need to see the doctor’s note in order to process a refund are going to have access to the doctor’s note. The doctor’s note will only be kept for the duration of time necessary for the processing of a refund claim. Thereafter, it will be destroyed. Personal details will not be transferred to a third party.
  • A Booker whose personal details have been collected has the right to request information about which personal details are in NT AB’s possession. The Booker also has the right to request a correction of incorrect personal details and the right to request the deletion of personal details.
  • The Booker has the right to block the use of and to oppose the use of personal details. In order for NT AB to process a completed contract for cancellation insurance, it needs to access to the Booker’s personal details.
  • The Booker has the right to submit a complaint to the overseeing authority, Datainspektionen / Data Inspection.

Cases not covered by the insurance:

  • Acute escalation of an existing illness or chronic health problem.
  • Examination, treatment and/or admission or stay at a hospital that was planned before the trip was booked.
  • Planned surgeries/procedures and illnesses or complications resulting from such surgeries/procedures.

Note: for registration fees, cancellation protection only applies to the person for whom the doctor’s note is provided. Registration fees for other competitors are not covered by the cancellation insurance.


If no other agreement has been made, the person placing the order must provide specific information about the number of group members and the names of those who will be staying in the rooms. This information must be provided no later than 4 weeks before arrival. Strikes, lockouts, fire, blockade, war, shortage of provisions/supplies or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the hotel’s control entitle the facility to void the contract without any obligation to pay compensation in any form. A deposit, paid either by credit card or through an invoice, is required to be paid no later than 30 days after the confirmed reservation. Cancellation insurance does not apply to group reservations.


Any complaints regarding a purchased or booked product or service must be submitted to those responsible for the product or service in question or to their representative as fast as possible. If the problem is not resolved, contact NT AB. The right to any potential compensation is forfeited if the providers of the product or service are not informed of the problem immediately and not provided with sufficient time and opportunity to resolve the issue at hand. Any claims and requests for compensation must be submitted to NT AB in writing no later than August 31st of the year of the event.
If the booking cannot be used due to reasons that are valid under the travel conditions specified by the Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour Operators, the entire cost of the reservation will be refunded, less NT AB’s fixed cancellation fee of 600 SEK.


O-Ringen AB will process personal information about individuals for whom bookings are made in order to be able to fulfill our obligations to those individuals and to other competitors at O-Ringen and in order to provide the products or services that O-Ringen participants have ordered. O-Ringen AB may also use personal information in order to fulfill its legal obligations, including those related to security. O-Ringen AB can be reached at info@oringen.se or by telephone at +46 0771 49 90 00.

The personal data collected and processed by O-Ringen AB include name, gender, birth year, address, mailing address, telephone number, as well as information about your health status and your competitive results in connection with your participation in O-Ringen. Those competitors who get cancellation insurance through Folksam Startklar will also need to provide their personal identification number. In order to be able to connect a competitor with his or her international or Swedish ranking, those competitors who have an account with the Swedish Orienteering Federation’s registration system Eventor will have their O-Ringen registrations connected to their Eventor accounts. These competitors will have their Eventor-IDs and dates of birth saved by O-Ringen.

Details such as name, gender, birth year, city of residence, club the participant competes for, and the participant’s results; as well as photographs or television clips containing the participant’s likeness may be published on television, internet, or in newspapers, and used in O-Ringen AB’s activities.

Participants’ personal data will be saved for bookkeeping reasons for a period of seven (7) years. If consent is given to follow up and develop O-Ringen in the subsequent years, then personal details will be saved for five (5) years. Providing consent to O-Ringen’s newsletter functions as a subscription to the newsletter until further notice, or until the participant cancels his or her subscription. Details such as name, club, and results (start times, punching times, places, etc.) will be saved for statistical purposes and will be searchable on the internet. Those competitors who have had their registrations connected with Eventor will also have their Eventor-IDs and birth dates saved. Those competitors’ results will also be searchable in other systems within Swedish orienteering that are connected to Eventor. O-RIngen is responsible for the personal details that are collected in conjunction with the Booker’s participation in O-Ringen. Details related to the Startklar cancellation insurance, as well as information about health conditions that relate to the competitor’s requirement for maps with special printing or the need for a guide in order to complete the competition will also be collected. These data will not be saved after the completion of the competition for any reasons other than bookkeeping. Employees of O-Ringen AB and officials working in conjunction with O-Ringen may be handling personal information. Personal information will not be provided to a third party. A Booker whose personal details have been collected has the right to request information about which of his or her personal details are in O-Ringen’s possession. The Booker also has the right to request a correction of incorrect personal details and the right to request a deletion of personal details. The Booker has the right to block the use of and to oppose the use of personal details. In order for O-Ringen AB to fulfill its obligations related to a valid contract related to O-Ringen participation, the participants’ personal details need to be processed. If the Booker blocks O-Ringen from using his or her personal data in such a way that O-Ringen can no longer fulfill its contractual obligations to the Booker, then no refund will be issued. The Booker has the right to submit a complaint to the overseeing authority, Datainspektionen / Data inspection.


NT AB reserves the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time. The Booker should therefore regularly stay up to date about any possible changes that may have been made to the conditions.