These terms and conditions apply to applications and bookings for O-Ringen made through O-Ringen AB’s Booking Portal that can be found at under Book/Entry (Booking Portal) for the event O-Ringen (O-Ringen) and associated addon services. O-Ringen AB reserve the right to unilaterally change these booking terms and conditions. Any changes will take effect no sooner than 30 days after the new and updated terms and conditions have been published on the Booking Portal website.


In addition to, and in conjunction with, the competitions, O-Ringen AB and NT AB are organizing various trips, accommodations options, and activities. The terms and conditions apply in addition to those required by the Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour Operators (SRF). These additional terms apply to NT AB and the individual who makes the booking/purchase (Booker) through the Booking Portal.

1.1 O-Ringen competitions are organized by O-Ringen AB (O-Ringen AB), organization number 556937-4084, Almas allé 9, 756 51 Uppsala. O-Ringen AB is wholly owned by the Swedish Orienteering Federation (SOFT) and the surplus from O-Ringen events goes back to Swedish orienteering.

1.2 O-Ringen AB is the organizer and responsible for all competition products and associated services that can be booked at the Booking Portal.

1.3  Nordic Travel i Sverige AB (NT AB; Nordic Travel in Sweden), organization number 556669-6125, Box 163, 271 24 Ystad, Sweden, manages bookings, applications and payments in the Booking Portal for O-Ringen AB. NT AB is thus NOT responsible for the O-Ringen events.


By ordering services and/or products through the Booking Portal, the Booker agrees to these terms and conditions. The purchase/reservation becomes binding for the Booker immediately upon receipt of verbal or written confirmation from NT AB or from officials on location at O-Ringen.

To make reservations or purchase services on behalf of a child under 18 years of age, the Booker must first receive consent from the child’s parent or legal guardian. Purchases/bookings are not subject to cancellations, changes, or refunds, unless specified in these terms and conditions for the product or service in question. NT AB and O-Ringen AB reserve the right to transfer our rights and obligations according to these terms and conditions to a third party.

2.1 By applying to/booking competition start through the Booking Portal you, the Booker, agrees to these, currently valid, terms and conditions. These terms apply from that moment regardless of whether the Booker has paid the entry fees in their entirety, partially, or not at all. Therefore, make sure to carefully read these terms and conditions before making the purchase.

2.2 Applying to competition/booking of competition start is binding for the Booker. Purchase of parking fees and addons is also binding.

2.3 In the cases when the Booker makes reservations or purchases services on behalf of another person or persons, then by virtue of approval of these terms and conditions, the Booker insures that the person or persons in question has been informed of these terms and conditions that become binding for them when the application/booking is made. This also applies to addons and associated services.

2.4 In cases where bookings are made on behalf of a child under 18 years of age, the Booker must first receive consent from the child’s parent or legal guardian.

2.5 Purchases/bookings are not subject to cancellations, changes, or refunds, unless specified in these terms and conditions for the product or service in question. Applying to competition/booking of competition start is binding and thus no refunds will be made. The same applies to addons.

2.6 O-Ringen AB reserve the right to transfer our rights and obligations according to these terms and conditions to a third party.


3.1 Payment can be made with a credit/debit card (VISA/Mastercard) or through a bank transfer or invoice. Payments are made to Nordic Travel I Sverige AB since they manage payments for O-Ringen. Payment instructions can be found on the booking portal. After June 1st of the year of the event the only acceptable payment method will be with a credit/debit card (VISA/Mastercard). Note that bookings made by email take 1-2 days to process. The right to use pre-ordered competition starts, products, services or add-ons is only granted upon full receipt of payment.

3.2 After reservation/booking of competition and payment in full have been made you will receive a booking confirmation to the email address you have supplied. Make sure that the information in the confirmation is correct. If you still haven’t received a confirmation 24 hours after booking or if any of the information is incorrect we ask that you contact us at or by phone +46 771 49 90 00.


4.1 In order to protect and encrypt the Booker’s credit card information, the Booking portal uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted connection.


5.1 O-Ringen AB reserve the right to remove bookings that have not been paid for after a reminder had been sent out.


6.1 All participation in conjunction with O-Ringen takes place at the participant’s own risk. By accepting these general terms and conditions when booking you also accept that you are participating in the competitions at your own risk and that O-Ringen therefore is not responsible for any injuries that you incur when participating in the competitions. O-Ringen is also not responsible for damage that can occur on clothes or technical equipment worn during the competitions. O-Ringen is also not responsible for clothes or other equipment left behind.

6.2 O-Ringen AB has insurance for unforeseen events that applies to all competitors, traveling companions and spectators at O-Ringen City, at the competition arenas, or on the way to or from these locations. O-Ringen AB is not responsible for injuries competitors, traveling companions or spectators may incur in conjunction with the event. All participants, traveling companions, and spectators must follow O-Ringen AB’s instructions and rules, even if they are issued by third parties contracted by O-Ringen AB. Participants in O-Ringen must also follow the rules of the Swedish Orienteering Federation that are currently in force.

6.3 When booking it is also possible to purchase cancellation insurance from Nordic Travel I Sverige AB, see separate conditions below for cancellation insurance.

6.4 Through the booking portal you can also purchase the insurance Motionsloppsförsäkring through Folksam, see further conditions at Folksam.


7.1 Application to competition/booking of competition start, O-Ringen AB’s products, services and add-ons in conjunction with O-Ringen is binding and non-refundable. See specific conditions for any cancellation insurance or other insurance that you may have purchased. Illness or injury might make you eligible for compensation from your insurance company or Folksam if you have bought the insurance Motionsloppsförsäkring. Contact your insurance company to request compensation.

7.2 Sports events on a specific date or during a specific time is exempt from right of withdrawal according to the law (2005:59) on distance contracts and contracts outside of places of business.


Change/transfer initiated by particioant/booker

8.1 Changes and transfers can be made up until the deadlines for the specific product. Please read carefully what applies to your product or service. Please contact us if you have any questions. Note that there is a fee for changes from 1 may and in certain cases earlier if the change is not done by yourself. It is the current price for the products in question that applies. If the new product or service is currently more expensive than the earlier purchased one the difference in price will be charged. If the current price is lower no refund will be made.

8.2 In the event of a transfer between products / competition options where the new product or option is currently more expensive than the earlier one the difference in price will be charged. If the new product or service is currently cheaper than the earlier one is (today) no refund of the difference in price will be made. Therefore, it only makes sense to transfer a start place to someone who wants to compete in the same competition option that you have booked (see table below). Please note that we do not provide any service for finding people to whom booked start places can be transferred. Instead, we recommend other channels, for example or


9.1 Until May 1st there is no fee for changes to participant information (competition class, name etc.) if you make the changes yourself online or through booking services regarding changes that cannot be made online (product, competition etc.). Changes that can be made by the booker online (change of class, name etc.) will always cost 200 SEK if made through booking services. Until May 1st there is no fee for adding products to your booking.

9.2 From May 1st, all changes initiated by the Booker/ participant (regardless of whether the change is made through the Booking Service, the Booking Portal, or onsite at O-Ringen Competitor Services) cost 200 SEK. A change fee of 200 SEK per booking applies regardless of whether several changes are made (for one or multiple competitors) at the same time. Note that the Booking Portal does not record the type of change that is made, meaning that a change fee is charged even if the Booker simply adds a new competitor to the booking without changing information for any existing competitor. In such a situation, a change fee can be avoided by creating a new booking for the new competitor.

9.3 Changes and transfers can be made up to and including the following dates during O-Ringen Uppsala 2021

Product Deadline
Elite tour 23 July 12.00
5-Days 25 July 21.00
5-Days Challenge class 26 July 13.00
3-Days Challenge class 29 Juli 13.00
Stage start Respective competition day 13.00
Training race 24 July 18.00
Youth relay 24 july 21.00

9.4 Change/transfer of other products
Changes to products, services and add-ons that are not tied to a specific individual (for example closing party, Miniknat, childcare, parking and training maps etc.) can generally be made up until 13.00 on the competition day. Transfer of these services do not need processing since booking number is used as confirmation.


Change initiated by O-Ringen AB

10.1 The difference in price between booked product/service and allotted product/service is refunded. In this case the price at the time of booking is used. An example of change initiated by O-Ringen could be a transfer down from the elite tour at selection.

10.2 Refund is made provided that the participant/booker have provided O-Ringen AB complete refund information no later than August 31st on the year of the competition. Payment information should be sent to No change fee will be charged in the cases where O-Ringen AB initiated the change/transfer.


11.1 O-Ringen reserves the right to cancel or postpone the O-Ringen event in its entirety as well the right to cancel or postpone one or more competitions or change routes and/or start times

11.1.1 due to circumstances beyond the control of O-Ringen, including but not limited to government action or negligence, new or changed laws, labour conflicts, blockade, fire, flooding, other natural disasters, or major accidents or

11.1.2 if O-Ringen or the authorities consider it necessary for the safety or health of you and/or other participants or

11.1.3 if the competitions are not sanctioned by the Swedish Orienteering Federation or if O-Ringen is denied the government permits needed to successfully arrange the competitions.

11.2 O-Ringen is not liable to refund any fees or pay damages or other compensation if the entire O-Ringen event or one or more competitions must be cancelled or postponed due to changes according to paragraphs 11.1.1-11.1.3 as specified above or any other extraordinary circumstances.

11.3 If the O-Ringen event in its entirety or part thereof or one or more competitions must be cancelled or postponed due to changes according to paragraphs 11.1.1-11.1.3 as specified above or any other extraordinary circumstances the participant/Booker can choose to either:

11.3.1 have the booking moved and keep the booking for the postponed event or competition and let the payment already made cover the postponed event or competition or:

11.3.2 receive a value voucher for 100% of the fees already paid that is valid for 3 years form the date of issue.

11.3.3 Unless the participant/Booker make an active choice no later than 30 days after the notice of postponement the booking will be moved according to 11.3.1.

11.3.4 Since Nordic Travel i Sverige AB only manages payments for O-Ringen competition products no demands for refunds can be made to Nordic Travel i Sverige AB.


12.1 Any complaints regarding a purchased or booked product or service must be submitted to O-Ringen or their representative as soon as possible.

12.2 O-Ringen AB can be reached at: or by phone +46 771 49 90 00.

12.3 The right to any potential compensation is forfeited unless O-Ringen or their representative is informed of the problem on site and given reasonable time and opportunity to resolve the issue at hand. Any claims and requests for compensation must be submitted to O-Ringen in writing no later than August 31st of the year of the event.


13.1 Nordic Travel i Sverige AB offers an optional cancellation insurance for bookings made via the Booking Portal. If the Booker has signed a cancellation insurance, then a full refund will be provided for the person in the travel party that cannot reasonably use the service in question because that person or a close relative is affected by an acute illness, accident, or death. The term “close relative” applies to any spouse, child, grandchild, sibling, parent, grandparent, stepparent, or domestic partner of the insured person, or anyone in the insured person’s traveling party for this booking. The term “acute illness” refers to an illness that the person in question did not know about, could not know about, or could not have predicted at the time of booking. All injuries or illnesses must be confirmed by a signed doctor’s note. Certain exceptions apply to the cancellation insurance, even when a doctor’s note is provided. Cancellation insurance cannot be purchased for groups of more than 9 people.

13.2 The following conditions must be met for the cancellation insurance to go into effect:

13.2.1 The cancellation insurance was signed in conjunction with an original booking (not with a change made to a booking).

13.2.2 Cancellation must take place at least a day before the date of the specific activity. No refund applies if a cancellation is made at a later date.

13.2.3 Cancellation insurance is only valid in combination with a doctor’s note. An insurance claim must be sent to NT AB no later than five business days after the cancellation is made. The doctor’s note must be filled out and signed by a doctor connected to Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency) and must contain the doctor’s name, contact information and official stamp. The doctor’s note must include the date the patient was examined, the results of the examination, the diagnosis, and, when applicable, the conclusion that the patient cannot use the booking because of this.

13.2.4 When cancellations covered by cancellation insurance are made, the cost of the cancellation insurance is not refunded.

13.2.5 Cases not covered by the insurance: Acute escalation of an existing illness or chronic health problem. Examination, treatment and/or admission or stay at a hospital that was planned before the trip was booked. Planned surgeries/procedures and illnesses or complications resulting from such surgeries/procedures.

13.3 Note: for registration fees, cancellation protection only applies to the person for whom the doctor’s note is provided. Registration fees for other competitors are not covered by the cancellation insurance.

13.4 Cancellation insurance must be signed at the original booking. Insurance signed later, at a change or addition to the original booking is not valid and will be refunded to the client. Cancellation insurance that is cancelled when changing a booking is not refunded.

13.5 Cancellation insurance is no refundable.


14.1 O-Ringen AB is responsible for the personal information that is collected in conjunction with the Booker’s reservation, booking and participation in O-Ringen. Nordic Travel i Sverige AB (NT AB) is responsible for the personal information that is collected for the cancellation insurance.

14.2 NT AB and O-Ringen AB collect and handle personal information that you provide us with.  Personal information that will be handled include, but is not limited to, name, birth date, gender, address, e-mail address and phone number. We might also handle information registered in conjunction with a booking, such as age and special dietary requests.

14.3 Results connected to your participation in O-Ringen are stored. The personal information is provided by yourself in connection with booking arrangements, creating of accounts or other services online or by phone.


15.1 O-Ringen AB will process personal information about individuals for whom bookings are made in order to be able to fulfil our obligations to those individuals and to other competitors at O-Ringen and in order to provide the products or services that O-Ringen participants have ordered. O-Ringen AB may also use personal information to fulfil its legal obligations, including those related to security.

15.2 O-Ringen AB can be reached at: or by phone: +46 771 49 90 00. NT AB can be reached at: or by phone: +46 (0)8-409 06 48.

15.3 Note that you can refuse to provide personal information. But is often not possible for us to provide you with the product or service you have ordered unless you provide your personal information.

15.4 Your personal information might also be handled so that we can fulfil our obligations according to accountancy laws and other legal obligations, including those related to security. Handling might also include information about communication between you and NT, including questions and complaints.

15.5  Your personal information might also be used by O-Ringen for market and client analysis, risk management and statistics, to give you better travel offers and service. Unless you object to it in writing we can also use your personal information to provide offers about services and/or products from O-Ringen. You have the right to decline to receive further offers.

In order to be able to connect a competitor with his or her international or Swedish ranking, those competitors who have an account with the Swedish Orienteering Federation’s registration system Eventor will have their O-Ringen registrations connected to their Eventor accounts. These competitors will have their Eventor-IDs and dates of birth saved by O-Ringen. Details such as name, gender, birth year, city of residence, club the participant competes for, and the participant’s results; as well as photographs or television clips containing the participant’s likeness may be published on television, internet, or in newspapers, and used in O-Ringen activities. For cancellation insurance personal information is gathered to be able to process a refund request. NT AB employees who work at the call centre division and who need to see the doctor’s note to process a refund will have access to the doctor’s note. The doctor’s note will only be kept for the duration of time necessary for the processing of a refund claim. Thereafter, it will be destroyed. Personal details will not be transferred to a third country.


16.1 Personal information will be stored for bookkeeping reasons for a period of seven (7) years. If consent is given to follow up and develop O-Ringen in the subsequent years, then personal details will be saved for five (5) years. Providing consent to newsletter and magazine functions as a subscription until consent is withdrawn. Information related to the insurance Motionsloppsförsäkring as well as information about health conditions, such as need for special maps or a pusher to complete the race, is only stored after the event for bookkeeping reasons. Details such as name, club, and results (start times, punching times, places, etc.) will be saved for statistical purposes and will be searchable on the internet. Those competitors who have had their registrations connected with Eventor will also have their Eventor-IDs and birth dates saved. Those competitors’ results will also be searchable in other systems within Swedish orienteering that are connected to Eventor.

16.2 Read more about how Nordic Travel i Sverige AB handle, process and store personal information in the NT AB integrity policy:


17.1 Employees of O-Ringen AB and officials working in conjunction with O-Ringen may be handling personal information. Your personal information will also be handled by NT AB. Your personal information will be handled by partners of the NT-concern within the tourism business, for example hotels, local cooperation partners as well as suppliers of administrative and systems services to the NT-concern. Personal information will not be provided to a third country. A Booker whose personal details have been collected has the right to request information about which of his or her personal details O-Ringen AB and NT AB have in their possession. The Booker also has the right to request a correction of incorrect personal details and the right to request a deletion of personal details. The Booker has the right to block the use of and to oppose the use of personal details. For O-Ringen AB and NT AB to fulfill its obligations related to a valid contract related to O-Ringen participation or other booked product/service/cancellation insurance the participants’ personal details need to be processed. If the Booker blocks O-Ringen and NT AB from using his or her personal data in such a way that O-Ringen and NT AB can no longer fulfill its contractual obligations to the Booker, then no refund will be issued. The Booker has the right to submit a complaint to the overseeing authority, Datainspektionen.

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